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Are You Still Struggling With Your Pronunciation and Accent In English?

See How American Accent DIRECT Can Give You DIRECTION As You Go Through The American Accent Course

This is What You Get When You Join American Accent DIRECT:

  • Work One-on-One with Sheri Summers and her Team as You Go through the American Accent Course.
  • Study from Anywhere in the World! All Correspondence is Done Asynchronously through Recordings.
  • Get a Pronunciation and Accent Assessment to Find Out What Your Weaknesses Are.
  • Be Directed to the Parts of Pronunciation and Accent that YOU Need to Focus On.
  • Receive Instructions and Assignments Covering Everything You'll be Working On.
  • Ask Your Trainers and Faciliators Questions Whenever You Want.
  • Never Wonder if You are Pronouncing Sounds Correctly or Not. You'll Always Find Out.
  • Start With Pronunciation and Move on to Intonation, Rhythm and Timing.
  • Get Assessments and Feedback All the Way Through Your Program.
  • Optional- Transition into a One-on-One Accent Maintenance Program Upon Completion of Course.
  • You Can Work as Fast or as Slow as You Need To. A Schedule Will Be Recommended, but it is Flexible and will Adjust to YOUR Needs.

Start American Accent DIRECT Now!

  • Start now for only $99 per month.
  • Use American Accent DIRECT for as long or as short as you would like.
  • Take assessments, get private instruction and correction.
  • Speak to trainers and advisers anytime you want or need to.

$99 a Month

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Today I went on a business trip and had to call my hotel to ask for directions.  The conversation went extremely well, just like it was supposed to.  This wouldn't have happened several months ago.  People used to ask me to repeat myself.  Not anymore. It's all because I have been getting DIRECT help with my accent from Sheri Summers.

Anand Kathula