2 Things You Can Do Right NOW To Make Your Speech More Fluent



IF-YOU-SPEAK-LIKE-THIS-THEN-YOU-PROBABLY-SOUND-LIKE-A-LIFELESS-ROBOT. Choppy speech can sound very robotic and monotonous, and therefore, it can actually affect:

• The way people understand your words when you speak in English
• The way people see you as a person in general

One sure-fire way of solving this problem is to gradually acquire the American Accent. Of course, this is a long-term solution that takes quite a few months to take effect.

If you are already comfortable with your accent however, but you just want to get rid of the slow, choppy feel of your speech in English, there are some things that you can do in order to address this particular problem and these are:

Learn how to use the schwa: As you will learn in your accent studies, the American Schwa is actually a very low, unstressed “uh” sound. What is special about the schwa is that it can be found in almost every phrase that you can speak in American English. As an example, there are actually three schwas in the word “America.” Basically, the schwa sound can take the place of almost every unstressed vowel sound in American English. Learning how to use the schwa will help you to make smoother transitions between two sounds when you speak in English.

Learn how to make connections: Connect your words together as often as you can when you speak in English. This might seem to go against instinct if you want to speak clearly, but it really doesn’t. You still need to pronounce the sounds and words correctly and cleanly, but you just need to link the sound from the next word at the end of the previous word.

For example – becomes – forexample
Hello there – becomes – hellothere
How are you doing – becomes – howuryadoin?
For a more comprehensive explanation of these basic fluency tips, please consider trying out The American Accent Course and remember to take these two tips to heart. Just remember, in both the American Accent and in life in general, it’s really the little things that matter the most.

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